NEW Metal Fire Ring – Sturdy, Portable, Customized

There’s something about fire.
It’s nostalgic in this primal,
Natural way
It draws you in —
Draws you together.
A backyard fire.
It’s magnetic.
Just the right pace.
Hearing that crackle.
And don’t even get me started on s’mores…
All of it.
It just does something to you.

Being around a fire with someone you love is a true and simple pleasure in this life.
Those are the pleasures worth toasting.

Each Artful MetalWorx Fire Ring is welded with love.
Handmade in America.
Each includes a halo ring for portability.
It’s also the perfect foot-rest for friends.

The Artful MetalWorx Fire Ring is made using 12 gauge steel and includes a mesh lining to catch embers.
Personalize with your family name, personal motto or some other text.

Go outside.
Be shoulder to shoulder. Elbow to elbow.
Grab a knee.
Hug a neck.
Feel the love.
And stare into the warm glow,
Around a handmade fire ring from Artful MetalWorx.

Artful MetalWorx Fire Rings are finished with heat treated paint used for wood burning stoves, so it’ll still look great after your most epic fires!. Our Fire Rings are solid, made out 12 gauge steel & of welded (not riveted) for extra durability. Our Fire Ring has a 30″ Diameter & the additional Halo ring brings total diameter to 36″ overall.

Portable. Personalized. Perfect!

Be bold. Say it in Metal!

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