Alone in Space Black 24X10


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This 24″x10″ metal art astronaut along is space is the perfect wall decor with the versatility of either being indoors or out. A perfect focal point for whatever your decorating needs.

Additional or customized sizes available.

All of our metal art is hand-made in Ellijay, GA by one of our very own craftsman. We use the finest quality 12 gauge metal to make sure each piece is cut to perfection.

Typically, we methodically apply Patina to ensures each piece is one-of-a-kind with a unique design not found anywhere else in this world. As we say, our pieces are similar but never the same. Lighting & angle bring out the vivid colors & patterns of our Patinas. But this one we just painted black & sealed it. It’s super quick so we pass on the time savings to you. 

Add to your home or cabin décor or as an accessory to any living space. Ideal for any housewarming gift or special occasions. Make a bold statement. Say it in metal! 


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