Artful MetalWorx is veteran owned and operated. We stand behind the men and women of the United States military and we honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country and our freedom. From one warrior to another, thank you!

This day brings up sobering reminders of just how precious life is but also how great our country is. To have men and women that willingly lay down their lives for the greater good and posterity of our freedom, is a blessing no American should ever forget. But balance is also due on this momentous weekend.

As we honor the sacrifice of our greatest citizens let us also celebrate their lives and the freedom they have renewed for us. All of us gave some but some gave all. We are eternally grateful for the service and sacrifices made on our behalf.

– Damon Gabriel, Marine Corps veteran turned entrepreneurial metal artist

Metal Artists featured in video:
Damon Gabriel, Marine Corps veteran turned entrepreneurial metal artist
Scott Schrader, Artful MetalWorx artist

MetalWorx of Art featured in video:

Tattered Flag (Battled Colors) – Multi-Color Patina

Iwo Jima US Flag – Multi-Color Patina

Flag in US – Wood Grain Copper Patina

Freddie Freedom – Wood Grain Copper Patina

Pledge Flag – Multi-Color Patina

Video by Robert Ferguson of Take One Studio Productions.

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