Saw Blade metal art designs were some of our first metalworx of art. With that, we’ve had a lot of time to play around with Patinas, or the various colors and finish on the metal. Below are some highlights of how these different color patterns and placements can change the look and feel of the art.

Here are examples of the mountain scene with a bear walking through the woods. Wood Grain Copper is the main Patina highlighted here, but you can see the blues, purples and reds present in the Multi-Color finish.

This next section highlights the mountain scene with a trout jumping out of the water. Most of these Saw Blades use a Multi-Color Patina to highlight the blues of the water along with the rainbow features of the trout.

These pictures wonderfully highlight how each of our metalworx of art are completely unique from each other. Though you might have the same design and even the same Patina, you’ll still get a slight variation from one piece to another.

What look do you like best?

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