Artful MetalWorx teamed up with Kim & Scott Walk of Premier Pools & Spas of North Georgia to make a metal art business sign. The result is metal that looks like pool water at sunset & another content custom client.

Thanks to Kim & Scott from Premier Pools & Spa for the opportunity to collaborate on a metal business sign for a local business. We’re so proud of these MetalWorx of Art and had so much fun making them we wanted to share the process…and how this project forced us to use a new tool…a FLAMETHROWER!!!

Many thanks to our local Ellijay videographer & producer extraordinaire, Robert Ferguson of Take One Studio Productions for creating this amazing custom callout video.

Here are some other highlights from this amazing process.

Can’t wait to hear what you think of this custom callout!

If you’re looking to build a pool and “change your life” make sure to become friends with Kim & Scott at Premier Pools & Spas North Georgia.

If you’re looking for a great video, reach out to Robert.

And if you want to be bold with your business and have your company’s name in Metal, call Artful MetalWorx!

Video Transcript

Kim: I’m Kim with Premier Pools & Spas. We are a custom design pool builder. Basically, we dig pools, build pools and change families’ lives.

Damon: And you know my ugly mug. I’m Damon Gabriel, Chief Metal Head at Artful MetalWorx. We were able to partner up with Premier Pools here and do a first of it’s kind project. We’d love to show it to you and talk about the process we went through.

[Artful MetalWorx logo with sparks; metal music playing]

Damon: If I remember correctly from how this whole thing came came to life…

Kim: It started at the Apple Festival, here in Ellijay. I saw your booth. I saw the art and obviously the love that goes into what you do. Scott and I stopped and I immediately and were like we need to find out what this is. And I was thinking on a small scale. You blew it up. [laughing] That’s what you do. I was driving in Ellijay and I saw this truck in front of me and followed him to where he stopped, got out, and he was like, “I remember you!” And that’s how it happened.

Damon: To be able to do a project like this – local – it’s a great way for us to support each other. This project had it’s challenges with how we wanted to finish it, the goals that we had in mind, the tools we use and all these things. It was like, “well, we know we can do it, but how are we going to do it?” It’s really been a great learning experience for us. And what turned out, I’m so happy you’re stoked on it.

Kim: The end result is…100 times better that what I pictured in my mind. It looks like water.

Damon: That was the goal. From an artist standpoint on something we’re doing here, and the reputation you have, this had to be something that made a statement and met the need. We want to have a finished product that is suiting the environment that it’s going in. It has to be fluid. It has to look like liquid in whatever form that it can. So we go in with this mission, alright we know exactly what we’re going to do. And we’re doing it on such a grand scale that…it didn’t turn out at all how we anticipated it to and we were like, “OH NO! What are we going to do?” [laughing] So what we ended up doing is getting a new tool that I personally love. It’s a flamethrower.”

Kim: Oh my goodness!

Damon: You get a flamethrower and you get some pretty awesome things, right? When I was looking into how to paint a heated treatment like this, it took a while to dial in the technique I was going to use, and I had this vision in my mind of “we doing pool water at sunset.” And I feel like it was achieved, so I’m glad you like it.

Kim: Actually, we’re getting two. One for this office and one for our Chattanooga office.

Damon: 100%! There you go. The one that goes in Chattanooga is going to be the sister piece to this. They’re going to be matching in colors, but the beauty of what we do is…

Kim: …that everything is different.

Damon: Yeah. There are no two alike. So I’m really glad that you love it. Here is the Premier Pools & Spas sign. Another great, local collaboration here. S Super stoked to have had the opportunity. Thank you so much. You guys are the best.

Kim: Thank you!

Damon: Absolutely

[Artful MetalWorx logo with sparks; metal music playing]


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